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Welcome to GLOBAL RADCLIFFE ADDICTS, officially the best place to love Dan on the Web! But we must warn you—this place is addictive!

Our aim is to provide a forum for mature fans of all ages, a place where we can share our intense appreciation of Daniel Radcliffe and his interests and enjoy intelligent, exuberant conversations with people of like mind. Whether it's Dan's latest project, his favourite music, films, or books, his keen intelligence and playful sense of humour, or an appreciation of his "beautiful physique" and amazing blue eyes, we always find lots to talk about! Yes, a certain amount of amorous discussion is often present on GRA, but it is always tempered by a deep and gentle respect for our favourite young British gentleman.

Our conversation is not limited to Dan, though. Discussion topics range from politics, religion, age, and parenting, to sexual orientation, work, dreams, rants, and our hobbies and other passions in life. We enjoy taking signatures, avatars, and wallpapers to the level of fine art! And since we are all busy multi-taskers, staying on-topic is NOT required. Listening to and respecting fellow members is, and lending a hand with projects and fundraising is always appreciated!
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