This year, we at the Global Radcliffe Addicts forum decided to do something a little different to celebrate Dan's birthday. Knowing as we do Dan's love for the written word—not to mention our own—we wanted to share that love with the children at Demelza Children's Hospice, Dan's charity of choice.

And even though Dan's 19th birthday is past, we are still continuing with this project in support of Demelza House. Our unique GRA wristband (see below for a graphic rendition of the bracelet) is available to members and non-members alike, in support of GRA's Demelza Bookshelf Project.

The aim of this project is to provide new books for the children who live at Demelza. All proceeds from the sales of our wristbands will be sent to the staff there, who—since they know the children's needs and tastes best-—will use the money to buy new books for the children at the hospice. This project and the wristband have both been approved by Demelza, and we are proud to be offering this special way for Dan's fans to show their support for him and his chosen charity on his birthday!

You can order your wristbands now, and they will continue to be sold for as long as they last, or there is interest. Please feel free to spread the word to any other Dan fans you know—these wristbands will be available to anyone who wants one, not just GRA members!


€ 5.00/£ 4.00/$8.00 for two wristbands, including postage
€ 3.00/£ 2.50/$5.00 for one wristband, including postage

The wristbands will be offered in the two colours shown above, and here is a close-up of the actual text on the wristbands:

To send your order:

Go to the PayPal site, click on the "Send Money" button, and send your order to:

Ratty at (if you live in the UK or Europe)


Frenchi at (for North America)

If you can't use PayPal, please e-mail us and we'll help you find another way to get your order to us!

Any questions? Don't live in the UK or Europe, or North America? E-mail Ratty at GRA Fundraising Coordinator, and she'll be glad to help!